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BLOODYWOOD Donates Ambulance To Animal Rescue, Unleash New Song "Yaad" That Gives Us All The Feels

Bloodywood March 2020

Bloodywood, a metal band from New Delhi India, that mixes their traditional, cultural music with metal, makes us feel more than we probably want to with their emotional new track “Yaad.”

“'Yaad' (Hindi for "remember" or "in memory") is about the power of accepting the loss of a loved one and moving on. The lyrics celebrate the permanent impact they have on us, reiterating the belief that we carry them in our best memories, no matter how far apart we may be.”

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Although this song is inspired by the loss of a beloved pet, the message can transcend to any relationship.

In spirit of the message, and using the proceeds from their recent EU tour, Bloodywood has donated a new ambulance to the POSH Foundation, a Delhi NCR based NGO that is actively involved in animal welfare and awareness related issues.

Karan Katiyar, guitarist for Bloodywood described the dire situation for India’s homeless animals:

As many of you know, we recently completed a tour of EU and UK. For most of us, including me, it was our first time stepping out of India. And we were amazed – the structures, the landscapes, the food, the pace, the people, the obedience of traffic (if you've been to India, you know what I'm talking about lol). But what impressed us the most was the absolute absence of homeless animals.

Unfortunately, things here are quite the opposite. You will find a homeless animal everywhere you look. Dogs, cats, cows, donkeys – all struggle to survive the concrete jungles of Indian cities like our hometown – New Delhi. Accidents, diseases and starvation are a very common sight.

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I have been in touch with Nidhi from the [POSH] foundation. She told me their previous ambulance is no longer in a working condition. 

She also told me that the ambulance attended at least 15 rescue calls per day. Given that the vehicle will last at least 5 years on-road, the new ambulance would potentially help save 27,375 homeless animals.

Why are we doing this? This ties closely with our next song and we hate just singing about things and not doing anything to actually help. Our next song talks about an innately human character – grieving. It's written in a very conversational tone – talking directly to the person lost and letting them know that even though they may be gone physically, they are with us always in spirit. It's a song that says "thank you for being with me" rather than "I'm so sad that you're gone". Even though the song and lyrics are universally applicable, we wanted to help anyone going through the utterly dark and disabling feeling of losing an animal friend.”

Here is the old van they used:

BLOODYWOOD Donates Ambulance To Animal Rescue, Unleash New Song "Yaad" That Gives Us All The Feels

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And the Bloodywood Animal Rescue Mobile:

BLOODYWOOD Donates Ambulance To Animal Rescue, Unleash New Song "Yaad" That Gives Us All The Feels


Sadly, like many other bands, Bloodywood had to cancel their first North American Tour. However, we know they will continue their work and can’t wait to see what they do next!

Learn more about the POSH Foundation here.

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