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BENIGHTED Recruits ARCHSPIRE's Vocalist For Their Fastest Song Ever

Oli Peters is a good choice, obviously.


Benighted is now streaming their fastest song ever "Nothing Left To Fear", and they've recruited the king of fast vocals as a guest – Oliver Peters of Archspire.

"'Nothing Left to Fear' features our brother and incredible vocalist Oli from Archspire", said Benighted. "This is the fastest track we've ever written. It starts off at 402 bpm! The combination of Julien and Oli's vocals makes it soooo brutal! We hope you like this new song and share it to the maximum. Enjoy!"

Benighted's upcoming record Ekbom draws inspiration from the nightmarish "Ekbom syndrome" which is rare neurological disorder, also known as Delusional Parasitosis, so expect nothing short of disturbing. Ekbom was recorded at Kohlekeller Studios with Kristian Kohlmannslehner and features Peters, as well as Xavier Chevalier (Blockheads) on "Fame Of The Grotesque".

The cover for Ekbom was done by Grindesign (Rob Borbas), and you can pre-order it here.

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