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Aussie Stoner Rock Wielders FUMAROLE Get Groovy With Crushing Album Valley Of Ten Thousand Smokes

Heavy Aussie stoner rock? Sign us up!


The Australian stoner rock scene is thrilling. Countless bands seem to be emerging from the Antipodal sonic ooze to create some truly special music. One of the latest and greatest bands to emerge from this is Fumarole. Their upcoming debut album Valley Of Ten Thousand Smokes is a very fun offering. Full of punishing grooves, chunky rhythms and wicked stoner rock tropes, this album is a delightful journey.

Due out Friday on Interstellar Smoke Records it marks another amazing release for the truly excellent Polish stoner/psych label. For all lovers of the heavy, especially bands like Clutch and Fu Manchu the downtuned swagger of Fumarole will delight!

Band frontman Kurt Werder says:

We’ve had the name for the album since we named the band. The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes is a valley within Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. Following an eruption, thousands of fumaroles vented steam from the ash.

It’s our take on a concept album, which has an overarching story where the rich also known as the ‘Remote Controllers’ have enslaved the poor and shipped them to Terra Supremia. Terra Supremia is a planet that is the only source of a bacteria that can be turned into a life extension drug. The drug deforms the user so the Remote Controllers escape to virtual reality for most of their lives. Some of the slaves have broken free and are fighting to free more. Terra Supremia is borderline inhospitable with dangerous flora and fauna. We’ve made 9 mini-stories exploring this.

Take a listen:

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