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APHOTIC Devours All On New Single "Cosmivore"

Death metal for all…. before all ceases to exist.


Aphotic is here to devour everything within the cosmos thanks to their new single "Cosmivore." The single is from Aphotic's upcoming record Abyssgazer, which is probably named that due to the nothingness that'll ensue after the consumption of the universe. Ain't much to look at when everything is gone.

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Abyssgazer is out on March 24 and is available for pre-order here on Bandcamp and here through Sentient Ruin's website (and here in Europe via Nuclear Winter Records). Abyssgazer was mixed by Greg Chandler from Esoteric and mastered by Colin Marston from Gorguts.

As for the concept of Abyssgazer, the band offered this explanation: "Abyssgazer is a chronologically structured concept album, whose narrative deals with the evolution of an ever-expanding universe, as modern cosmology depicts ours. While under an astrophysical lense, this topic is nothing but an instance of one of the most ancient ways humanity has developed to explain its own finiteness and the inevitability of death: the eschatological tale, in other words – the history of eons to come, the end of everything that exists and the ultimate irrelevance of time. The most absolute Omega possibly conceivable.

"One by one, each generation of stars will eventually die, and boneyards of dead remnants will be orbiting around super-massive black holes that will swallow every trace of sidereal material. On timescales almost impossible to imagine, an inexorably inflating universe, pitch-black yet occasionally illuminated by spectacular coalescences between these objects, will reap apart the fabric of spacetime itself until matter will start decaying, and even every black hole singularity will be evaporated, due to quantum effects, into radiation floating in nothingness. And so, as maximum entropy will be reached, time will become meaningless.

"In this frame, the album title-track reflects on how, in remote times and places, inert matter can shape into living beings, then evolve into sentient creatures who might become able to stare into the unknown and wonder about the true nature of time and space – by gazing into the abyss. This is a sort of self-consciousness of the Universe. We are the abyssgazers."

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