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AMIENSUS Streams Folky, Blackened New Track "Vermillion Fog Of War"

FFO: Borknagar, Enslaved, etc.

Amiensus Band Photo bw

Amiensus, arguably one of the best progressive black metal bands out there, is coming back with a new record Reclamation Part 1 due out April 26. We're thrilled to premiere the debut single "Vermillion Fog Of War", whose folk-tinged runtime feels perfect for the increasingly gray weather outside.

"'Vermillion Fog of War'; 'Vermillion Fog of War' is a critique on the unnecessary bloodshed occurring in many places on our great planet at this time, and the needless, ruthless bloody tactics targeting civilians by evil oligarchs to suppress and destroy multiple ethnic identities," said Amiensus of the track. "This track is one of our heaviest I think, while maintaining the melodic instrumentation that Amiensus has been known for now, for over a decade. We hope wherever you are listening to this, you are safe."

On the album itself, Amiensus continued: "11 years ago now we released our first LP, which was our first, and most successful album to date. Our current lineup has been together for the last 6 years, and this album being a double album, is our proclamation to the world that we are still here, and as strong as ever. Lyrically it covers a myriad of subjects, many of which pertain to my experience as a therapist and drug and alcohol counselor for the last 10 years, as well as our experiences with religion and spirituality, addiction, and world events."

Pre-orders for Reclamation Part 1 are available here.

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