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ALLFATHER Steamrolls Everything With New Single "Black Lungs"

Get wrecked.


If Allfather's next record A Violent Truth doesn't break them into bigger shows and more international recognition, one of two things is happening – nobody is paying attention or everyone has shitty taste in music.

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We're here to rectify the "nobody is paying attention" bit with a premiere of Allfather's new single "Black Lungs." The single encompasses everything from steamrolling death metal-styled riffs to a bluesy-as-hell guitar solo, all topped off by bellowing vocals and a breakdown that will make you find and fight god.

"'Black Lungs' is about the moment that toxic masculinity and misogyny turns into violence and abuse," said the band. "We live in a society that tolerates and rewards sexism, where it’s far too difficult for victims to get justice, and far too easy for abusers to escape the consequences of their actions. 'Black Lungs' takes the ferocity and violence of metal and hardcore and turns them against the people that deserve it."

A Violent Truth is out March 31. Pre-orders are available here.

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