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AEGAEON's New Song "Ruination" Is A Lesson In Atmospheric Heaviness

It's their first album in six years!

It's their first album in six years!

Aegaeon put out their Dissension album in 2011 and Being EP in 2012, but then fell victim to lineup changes and were eternally working on a new album. Now the band has been rejoined by original vocalist Jim Martin and has announced their first full-length album Age in six years!

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We're beyond psyched to premiere the debut single from the record titled "Ruination" today, which should assure every single Aegaeon fan out there that Age is the album they've been waiting for. Seriously, if you've been dying for that stop-and-go, atmospheric destruction that made Dissession a classic, then you're going to be listening to "Ruination" on repeat all day.

We are stoked to show you a glimpse of our upcoming album Age, featuring the return of our original vocalist Jim Martin. It was somewhat difficult to choose a single because this album is intended to be one flowing piece; but we felt Ruination is a nice balance of the familiar Aegaeon sound, yet gives a sneak peek at the evolved direction of the new record.

Aegaeon is currently original members vocalist Martin, guitarist Sebastian Brown, bassist Nick Scott, and ex-The Zenith Passage drummer Matthew Paulazzo. Age is out June 9 and Aegaeon says they'll be posting pre-orders via their website soon. Keep up with them on Facebook in the meantime.

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