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ABIGAIL WILLIAMS Frontman Says Being In THE FACELESS Taught Him "How Not To Run A Band," Announces First New Record In Four Years With "I Will Depart"

I don't think they've ever sounded this good.

abigail williams 2019

Abigail Williams followed up their 2015 record The Accuser with a demo of a new song called "The Final Failure" in 2016. Abigail Williams mastermind, vocalist, and guitarist Ken Sorceron then went on to join The Faceless between 2016 and 2018, only to return to his project once more that latter year.

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Now Abigail Williams is back full force with a brand new record called Walk Beyond The Dark out November 15, and you can check out the debut single "I Will Depart" below. Sorceron is currently the only member of Abigail Williams, though he did talk to Metal Hammer quite a bit about who played on the new record.

"Mike Heller’s drumming brought a lot to the table on this album in my opinion. We've been meaning to work together for a long time now, and finally made it work.

"Bryan, who played bass, has been in the band for quite a while now, and actually played on Becoming back in 2011 but wasn’t able to be on the last record due to visa issues, as he lives in Ireland. I just love working with that guy, and he’s one of my best friends in the world.

"Other than that, we had our friend Chris play cello on some of the songs, and we had been working with him since 2012, so it felt pretty tight-knit doing this album, to be honest. The only person that helped in songwriting on this album would actually be an old member, Ian Jekelis, on the song The Final Failure.

"Originally it would’ve been on the last album, but it didn’t fit with the other songs musically, and I figured it was too good not to include on this record even though he hasn’t been in the band for years now. I think it honors the time he spent with us nicely."

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Interestingly, Metal Hammer asked if Ken's time in The Faceless taught him anything and he responded:

“I quit the Faceless over a year ago now, and though it didn’t influence my song-writing at all, I definitely would say it taught me some things about how or how not to run a band.

“I still value some of the time I spent with that band, and the great guys that I played with who were very talented.”

Pre-order Walk Beyond The Dark here.

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