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Blackened Thrash'N'Roll Outfit NATTMARAN Stream New Album The Lurking Evil


The Lurking Evil prove that you can not only breathe new life into old genres, but you can have a hell of a time doing it. Thrash'N'Roll outfit Nattmaran are an intercontinental tour de force that are a solid throwback to when heavy metal was indeed a "lurking evil" to the mainstream Joe.

What started as a solely black metal project between Swedish guitarist Michael Lang and Indonesian vocalist Yogga Beges metamorphosed closer to the harsh thrash that emerged from the shadows of 80s British heavy metal. Japanese drummer Koji Sawada joined the fray and with their intercontinental powers combined (thank you technoology!), Nattmaran was officially born in 2020.

“We are inspired by the old gods like Motörhead, Venom, Celtic Frost, and Bathory,” lists Lang. “But also newer bands like Midnight, Butcher, and Toxic Holocaust. My black metal background is an influential element, as well.”

With each member bringing their own flavor to the album, The Lurking Evil is full of speed, aggression, and a lyrical hellscape of serial killers, burning witches, and demonic imagery all wrapped up in leather and tied nicely with chains and duct tape.

The Lurking Evil is available through Wise Blood Records HERE.

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