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We've Got An Exclusive Vinyl Variant Of YOB's Clearing The Path To Ascend

Nearly 10 years out!


As we approach the 10 year mark of Yob's 2014 classic Clearing the Path to Ascend, we've got an exclusively vinyl variant on Gold, Silver, and Aqua Blue Splatter available here. On the difference between and the band's previous album Atma, Yob frontman Mike Scheidt offered the following in a 2014 interview:

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"We approached this album like our past albums, in most ways. I spend time at home coming up with collections of riffs and arrangements that flow well together, sometimes entire songs. Then I bring that to practice, and we hash it out. Travis, Aaron and I together reveal whether anything I am working on has merit. If we're going off and excited, then yes. Anything less than that, if anyone isnt feeling it, then it either goes back to the drawing board or gets canned altogether.

"But the riffs and arrangements aren't enough, not by a longshot. It's the vibe, the 'x' factor, the atmosphere that accompanies an idea that is the most important thing. Without that, it's just notes on a fret board. I said we approached this album the same in most ways. The big difference between this album and Atma is there is an emotional heaviness on Clearing that all of our albums touch on in greater or lesser degrees, but that Clearing seems to dig deeper into. It certainly felt that way while we were writing and recording it."

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