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UnderArmour Rolls Out A Death Metal Themed Shirt

Posted by on July 21, 2014 at 11:10 am

I guess their licensing deal with Johan Hegg ran up because Under Armour has rolled out a death metal inspired t-shirt design. While the Johan endorsement was a goof, this t-shirt, which they've named "Men's UA Treestand Hunter T-Shirt," is anything but.

The name makes sense given the treestand hunter that's depicted on the shirt, but check out the type treatment:


Yeah, someone who works in the design department of the company clearly likes them some heavier music! The best part about this product is nowhere in the description does it even allude to this being any type of homage to heavier music or even crack a metal joke. Nothing. It's just presented as is and if you get it, great! If not, then it's just another shirt.

You can pick the shirt up here for $35.

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