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GWAR Makes Their Own CBD Now

Space drugs?


Gwar, in cooperation with the human scientists over at Consequence, have come up with their own line of CBD products. Gwar has just introduced their Bud of Gods CBD which is available for pre-order over at the Bud of Gods website.

"Gwar has been tearing the universe a new one for literally eons," said vocalist Blóthar the Berserker. "It’s not easy being an intergalactic warrior shaman, and the leader of the most insane shock rock band in history. I’ve found that after a long day of bloodthirsty battle, nothing soothes my mind like the Bud of Gods CBD. It is the perfect sacrament with which to wind down from a white-hot berserker rage. Grab some today, and feel your petty human concerns melt away into the sweet nothingness you crave."

"Bud of Gods CBD is the perfect companion for job interviews, parole hearings, child births, and socially distanced funerals," added guitarist Pustulus Maximus. "Pusty sez, 'It does a body good'!"

According to the band, the Bud of Gods CBD contains a descendant of the Sour Tsunami flower, a heritage that creates an Indica-favoring hybrid with a taste of tropical citrus and earthy undertones. As with all Consequence CBD products, Bud of Gods is sustainably grown, meticulously crafted, and purely processed to promote holistic health — mind, body, and soul.

Pre-orders are available here.

GWAR Makes Their Own CBD Now
GWAR Makes Their Own CBD Now
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