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Metal Crimes

Remember SOLITARY SON? He Just Allegedly Murdered His Ex-Girlfriend & Killed Himself

Back in 2014, we all had a good laugh at the objectively bad music from Solitary Son, calling one of his tracks the best/worst video by a dude with a face tattoo.

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Bronson Ellery aka Solitary Son has been found dead over the weekend, along with his 20-year-old ex-girlfriend Shelsea Schilling. The detective on the scene has said that the former couple died of “unknown circumstances” but Schilling's mother believes Ellery took her daughter's life before claiming his own. Schilling's mother wrote on her personal Facebook page “Bastard had no life took his and my baby girl. Rot in hell Bronson. Let my angel be safe.”

Ellery wasn't just a musician, he was a part of a bike gang called The Bandidos Motorcycle Club who describe themselves as “the people our parents warned us about" and who have a long and brutal history of illegal activity. Ellery himself had been in and out of jail in recent years, but allegedly cut ties with the Bandidos, which he noted to Noisey last year. So there is some suspicion that the gang may have been involved. 

MetalSucks reports that over the last day, the cops' position changed from possible muder-suicide, to double murder back to murder-suicide:

An unnamed police source has today told The Gold Coast Bulletin that the pair may have been murdered – however, that claim was later disputed by multiple sources familiar with the case.

Police have so far refused to comment on the investigation.

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Schilling had reportedly recently filed a domestic violence order against Ellery, an aspiring musician who had done prison time and was well-known to police because of his bikie links.

There is an ongoing investigation as to the true cause of the deaths. But before you feel any sympathy for Ellery, please note that he seemed like a very unpleasant and hateful person, openly sporting swastika tattoos on his arms.



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