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Major Labels Are Now Going After YouTube Audio Ripping Sites

A new battle against piracy.

A new battle against piracy.

The war of major labels versus piracy has been ebbing and flowing ever since the genesis of the Internet. Now that the piracy game has changed in 2016, major label are turning their eyes to sites that allow used to rip audio from YouTube videos.

The lawsuit, filed in a United States District Court in California, has major labels from both the Unites States and the United Kingdom suing YouTube-mp3. Some of the labels in the suit include Sony Music, Warner Bros. Records, and Capitol Records, who are seeking damages from the German site, which has around 60 million users per month.

According to Frances Moore, CEO of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, by way of Mashable, "This is a coordinated action to protect the rights of artists and labels from the blatant infringements of YouTube-mp3, the world’s single-largest 'stream ripping' site."

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