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Late SUICIDE SILENCE Frontman Mitch Lucker's Grave Site Robbed [UPDATE: Item Found!]

This is straight messed up!

This is straight messed up!

Update: After this story went live, we were informed that in the comments of Mark's post, Mitch's widow Jolie noted that Mitch's daughter, Kenadee has it. Screenshots below.

It's crazy to think we're approaching five years since the tragic death of Suicide Silence's Mitch Lucker. For his bandmates, I'm sure they think about their friend every day and he is always in their hearts. His grave site is a memorial and a place of meditation for his friends and family to attempt to reconnect with Mitch.

Which is why it's absolutely disgusting to report that personal items left at his gravesite have been robbed. Suicide Silence guitarist Mark Heylmun posted a message on Instagram noting a very sentimental necklace gifted to him by Mitch was stolen from the site recently. Heylmun was surprisingly at peace when writing about it, asking nicely for it to be returned:

Somebody took my necklace off Mitch's headstone. To that person: I'm not mad, if you know me it's super hard to make me mad. I choose not to get mad, I'm already "mad" enough in my head. I hope that necklace brings you some peace and joy. Here's a little about it. A good friend of mine and Mitch's gave it to me after a trip to Peru. We were there together but he stayed longer and brought it home to me. I wear it for many reasons, I've worn it on stage under my shirt, I've worn it during times where I need strength and positive energy, from hikes to interviews for the band. It's a material symbol of inspiration and power to me. I thought about not posting anything about it but I am posting this because I want friends and family to be able to trust that we can leave things at this Sacrad place(anonymously!), and that it is also somewhere we seek strength and energy from. This is a place of trust and power for us. If we can't TRUST that we can leave things here than it loses some of its power. We leave gifts offerings and sometimes we leave things to give and receive that power, like I left my necklace. So to that person: keep that necklace and cherish it or return it. No harm no foul. And to anyone who knows where Mitch is keep that site Sacrad please. Peace and love people.

Mark is truly one of the most chill dudes in the metal scene, and he is acting way cool about something that I would personally be furious about. If you know whomever did this, please tell them to just return the necklace. Very uncool bro.

Update: As noted above, it looks as though Mitch's daughter took it, so thankfully, there was no robbery.

Late SUICIDE SILENCE Frontman Mitch Lucker's Grave Site Robbed [UPDATE: Item Found!]

Late SUICIDE SILENCE Frontman Mitch Lucker's Grave Site Robbed [UPDATE: Item Found!]

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