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Disappointing Album Sales is the Reason Phil Rudd Tried To Hire A Hitman To Kill His Assistant

Posted by on April 22, 2015 at 11:01 am

So, remember how (probably former) AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd plead guilty to those charges of drug possession and threatening to kill? Well, now new information has surfaced as to whom exactly he threatened to kill and why.

A new report by CNN got a hold of the court summary and it sounds absolutely insane:

According to a court summary, Rudd fired several employees because the release of his solo album in August had flopped in the charts. A month later, he called an associate and said he wanted his personal assistant "taken out."

He later then called the victim — his personal assistant — on the phone and said, "I'm going to come over and kill you."


Rudd then continued to call his assistant who would hang up as soon as he realized who was calling and eventually filed charges.

I don't have to be some private investigator to put two and two together that Rudd was likely hopped up on meth and paranoid and decided to act irrationally (although I guess it's pretty rational behavior when you take into account that he was high on meth).

Sentencing is scheduled for June 26th.

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