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Metal Crimes

AC/DC'S Phil Rudd Arrested Again For Bar Brawl

Rudd has no f*cks left to give.

Rudd has no f*cks left to give.

Things are not looking good for (not quite permanent) AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd. Last month, he was arrested for drug possession and attempting to hire a hitman to kill two people, although the latter charge was dropped.

You'd think with Rudd getting all this bad press, he would just stay home and keep a low profile. But if he did that, we wouldn't be writing about him right now, would we?

Rudd was arrested after a trip to the coffee shop got heated. He apparently ran into a witness for his case and lost it. reports:

Staff said Rudd was involved in a dispute with a “huge guy”.

“He (Rudd) was all up in the guy’s face,” a waitress said.

The man pushed Rudd in the chest.

“He fell backwards over our sign and landed in the cafe. There was food and stuff everywhere,” another worker said.

At that point Rudd “went nuts”.

Seeing as though this was a breach of Rudd's bail for his previous arrest, his bail terms have been amended to include not taking illegal drugs, until February 10th. My question is why this wasn't in there in the first place?

Rudd has plead not guilty to all his previous charges. The trial is ongoing.

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