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ANAL CUNT Will Record A Song For You… For A Price

ANAL CUNT Will Record A Song For You… For A PriceSeth Putnam, frontman of Anal Cunt, the most influential act of this or any generation, wants to record a song for you. The Deciblog informs us that Seth's label is holding what they call "a contest", where you give them $100 and a song title worthy of being sang by Putnam, and then he will write a full song based on the title, and send you 5 vinyl records of the track. This is all legit. Thinking that $100 is too steep for what is basically a one-note joke? Well, Limited Appeal Records breaks it down for you…

Extra bonus: The best song title (as chosen by Seth Putnam) will receive a test pressing of the record! So–for $100, you get $80 worth of records. so the song essentially costs you $20. That is a DEAL! Not bad for getting a personalized song on a slab of vinyl you can play for your grandkids, or at least your dorky record collecting buddies. Plus shipping is free (!) if you live in the US or Canada ($25 anywhere else, that's what you get for living somewhere else). If you are at all interested in this we would suggest you act quickly, there is a limited amount of song space. Note: the song title "Paying Seth Putnam $100 to record a song is gay" is already taken. Sorry.

Oh well, that's not so bad then. So if you got $100 bucks to spare, get going already!

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