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8 Metal Videos To Get You Hyped For Star Wars

A bunch of great Stars Wars covers and Chewbacca recreated on guitar.

A bunch of great Stars Wars covers and Chewbacca recreated on guitar.

I don't know if you know this, but there is a new Star Wars movie in theaters. You may have heard something about it right? Metal and Star Wars go hand and hand, and since we're all counting down the minutes until we can go see this movie, we figured we'd compile a few Star Wars-related metal videos to get you hyped…

First up, this is my favorite Star Wars metal-related video in the world, it's Chewbacca's voice on guitar:

Then, we have this recent clip of guitarist Cooper Carter playing all 31 separate orchestral elements across 45 guitar tracks of the Star Wars theme, that is absolute magic:

But, I dunno if he can top the one-man band playing the Star Wars theme…

…which goes great with this drum cover of the Imperial March by drummer Grant McFarland:

But no cover of the Imperial March matches that of Decrepit Birth drummer, Samus Paulicelli, who uses farts to convey his message:

We think this is the sweetest metal Star Wars cover though:

You know who's hyped for the new Star Wars movie? LEGO Darth Vader…

Finally, there has always been a battle between Star Wars fans and Star Trek fans (even though, ironically, both franchises are now helmed by the same dude… JJ Abrams). But this lifelong feud was captured perfectly in a Protest The Hero music video…

Bonus: Shortly after releasing this list, we stumbled upon a new band, Galactic Empire and their really impressive metal cover of the Star Wars theme…

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