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TIM MONTANA Names The Five Country Artists That Metal Fans Can Easily Get Into

The man knows what he's talking about.

Tim Montana-1

The following list was written by Tim Montana. In 2024, Montana will be releasing a new album (via BBR Music Group/BBG) and can be seen in the upcoming action Western film, Unholy Trinity with costars Samuel L. Jackson, Pierce Brosnan, David Arquette and more. You can also check out his new single "Devil You Know" right here.

Chris Stapleton

I've been following this dude for over a decade from the Steel Drivers to the Jompson Brothers. Between his voice, writing style and guitar chops, this Kentucky boy is a mixolydian scale and a half stack away from being a Cowboy from Hell!

Cody Jinks

Speaking of PanteraCody Jinks appeared on stage recently with Dimebag Darrell's guitar courtesy of a mutual friend, Rita Haynes. This guy looks and breaths metal even though he's a Texas country outlaw. "Heavy and Loud" could be a metal song ALL. DAMN. DAY.

Billy Strings

Listen to one guitar solo on an acoustic guitar and imagine that through an amp and cranked to 11. I know how much harder it is to play an acoustic guitar vs an electric so if he plugged and went to the dark side, it would be GAME OVER .

Brantley Gilbert

I've been buddies with Ol' BG for over a decade now and since the first time I toured with him to the last time, this guy goes harder live than a lot of metal or hard rock shows I've seen. I'm talking mohawks, dreadlocks, brass knuckles, double kicks and fucking FIRE. No wonder he's teamed up with Five Finger Death Punch because Brantley and his outfit pack a punch of their own.

Cadillac Three

These guys have been infusing hard rock and all around badassery in the country space for a long damn time. This 3-piece band with half stacks and hair goes hard and I feel like any metal head could jump in the pit and raise a fist to these guys. Crank up "The South" and tell me that shit doesn't go hard!

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