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Here's How PIG DESTROYER Vocalist J.R. Hayes Ranks The Band's Albums

He doesn't include the new one.

He doesn't include the new one.

Pig Destroyer has been a pretty major name in metal for a while now, mainly because they've got some seriously classic titles under their belt.

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Vocalist for the band J.R. Hayes has now taken up the task of ranking the band's records from his least to most favorite, but excludes their most recent album Head Cage and both EP releases.

  1. Terrifyer
  2. Prowler In The Yard
  3. Phantom Limb
  4. Book Burner
  5. Explosions In Ward 6

Why Terrifyer? Hayes explains that it's really just a personal preference because he worked really hard on the album.

The reason that I picked this one is because of that, but also because I worked really closely with every aspect of that record. It’s the first record where I arranged all the vocals by myself without Scott’s help, I wrote all the lyrics, I worked with Chris [Taylor] on the art, I went to Philly and worked with Relapse on the layout, almost every aspect of that record I had my fingerprints in. I think that’s why it’s the most special to me.

You can read the full explanations and interview over at Noisey.

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