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Best of 2011

Top 5 Favorite Shows of 2011 by Pit Full Of Shit's Frank Huang

We asked Metal Injection contributor Frank Huang to reflect on his Top 5 Shows in 2011. Frank shot extensive video of all the shows mentioned in this post, as well as many other NYC area shows, which you can view at Pit Full of Shit.

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5. Disma, Coffinworm, Unearthly Trance, Oak
Saint Vitus Bar, August 6th


(How can you not love a place called Saint Vitus? That was my first impression about the bar.) To celebrate Disma releasing their crushing debut Towards The Megalith, this show gathered some of the finest doom/black/death bands around. This was one of my first NYC shows since I moved from Taiwan. I must say these bands were just mind-blowing, especially my personal favorite Coffinworm, their live performance made me feel like I want to smash my camera and punch people around me, that was how heavy and awesome they were.

4. Despised You, Magrudergrind, Communion, Defeatist
Shea Stadium, September 11th
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This was probably the most exciting show for me in the beginning of my NYC life. Putting Magrudergrind and Despised You on the same tour how can you not be excited? Chris Dodge!!! (Who was also a super amazing guy). Not only were all the performances killer, (Avi, JUMP!!) but I was so scared those crazy people in the mosh pit were going to smash up all my gear.

3. All Pigs Must Die
Saint Vitus, November 4th


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I felt sad for them when they got screwed by The Gramercy Theater at The Metal SuckFest. However, after they played a secret show the same night (by 1000 Knives) at Saint Vitus, I felt I was wrong. They put their hate and grudges towards Gramercy into their music and basically fucked everyone at that show. I literally felt intimidated by their vocalist Kevin Baker when they played, his way of singing and performing was extremely violent, and yet somehow it got me really excited.

2. Weedeater, Ox Bow, Bison BC, Flight Amp
Europa, September 10th


As I got to Europa, I saw Weedeater’s vocalist "Dixie" Dave Collins doing the weird interview on weed with Metal Injection and the guy was apparently high. What a great way to start the show, right? Sadly I didn’t get to see Flight Amp because I was late (bite me). The rest of the line-up was still spectacular. Bison BC brought on some of the great stoner doom tunes such as Stressed Elephant which was my favorite track from their 2010 album Dark Age, Eugene Robinson from OxBow was one of the most powerful and dramatic singers I have ever seen. Then the mighty Weedeater played some of the classic tracks from “God Luck And Good Speed” and the stunning “Jason… The Dragon” That was a great night.

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1. Kvelertak
Europa & Saint Vitus, October 21st


I’ve always dreamt about checking out these crazy Norwegian dudes since they put out their self-titled debut album. And I have to say they are way out of my expectation. The Metal Injection / Metal Sucks / 1000 Knives CMJ show was by far the craziest show I have ever seen in my life (I heard the boat show the next day was awesome too). You got to admit they have such infectious riffs that you can't just stand there to watch them play. Then they showed up at Saint Vitus 2-hours after the CMJ event to play a secret show and played 6 songs including a brand new song. I never had so much fun in just one night in my life.

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