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Best of 2011

The Top 15 Metal Viral Videos of the Year

It's that time of the year, when we go through the Best of 2011. To kick things off, we've complied a list of the top metal viral videos of the year. What makes a video viral? It has to wow us, by either being really funny or showcasing a skill that's a bit out of the ordinary. Having an animal or a baby involved certainly helps as well. With that, we present to you the top 15:

1) Parrott Sings Let The Bodies Hit The Floor


This is without question the most popular clip that was posted on Metal Injection this year. Why? It had the perfect forumla… animals + metal = funny. Sure, you can get on the case that Drowning Pool isn't metal, but there isn't one of you who hasn't heard the song. Plus, that's a pretty talented parrot.

2) SLAYER Angel of Death [Smooth Rock Version]


This is just one of many mashups released this year by Andy Rehfeldt. We could've given him his own countdown of best mash-ups, but ultimately decided to pick just one track of his to include on this list, and this was by far the most popular one. The man has talent… you can watch all the other mashups he's done or view an interview we conducted with the man himself.

3) LEGO Hardcore Show


This video commissioned by the LEGO company themselves is an example of how corporate advertising can be done right. Everything about this video is awesome!

4) Kid Cries For IRON MAIDEN


We've all been there, having a shitty day and all that can get us through it is some classic Iron Maiden. This kid's mom and dad certainly deserve some sort of award for the great work they've done with their child.

5)10 Year Olds Perform Enter Sandman


Talk about talent! These crew of rapscallions performed a pretty respectable rendition of the Metallica classic. I would argue the drummer is even better than Lars himself. Metallica actually saw this video and created a really cool shout-out inviting the young shredders to play with them anytime.

6) Baby Loves By PANTERA


Who doesn't love Pantera, right guys? There is something so awesome about seeing a young kid, who can barely speak really feel the emotion conveyed by Pantera's music, even putting his hands in the air and headbanging. Dude is a future mosher!

7) Cat Watching SLAYER


We humans might love the almighty Slayer, but this cat was not impressed at all.

8) The Alphabet Song Gone Black Metal


Anytime a classic song gets a black metal makeover, it could be questionable, but the creators of this video totally get it with their tongue-firmly-in-cheek cover of the Alphabet song. I even love the A-E-I-O-U-Y bridge, so brooootal.

9) JapPop Metal Band with Young Girls on Vocals


I have no idea the basis of this video or how this came to be, but I am impressed. Your move, Miley Cyrus

10) Real Polish Political Ad with Death Metal


Surely the same country where Nergal is a national pop star has room for death metal in its political ads. Unfortunately, this guy lost.

11) Chris Barnes, Used Car Pitchman


This was certainly the most shocking clip of the year. Did Chris Barnes get a free car out of this? I certainly hope so!

12) Vegan Black Metal Chef #1 – Pad Thai


Not all black metal enthusiasts are omnivores, and this was the year of the Vegan Black Metal Chef, a new web cooking show on the broootal dishes you can make without any meat or dairy. Check out all the previous episodes and our interview with the Chef on the Livecast.

13) MUNICIPAL WASTE With the Weather


Back in September, the entire east coast was in a state of panic due to a major hurricane coming our way. Municipal Waste frontman decided to go where the action is, and report from the frontlines giving you an idea of what the weather was like while you were in your bunker.

14) Russian Band Jams on the Highway


I guess rehearsal spaces in Russia are really expensive, so the highway is the only place these guys can really jam.

15) THOR SHREDSTEEN Invades NY Comic Con 2011


Finally, everybody's favorite guitar God, Thor Shredsteen came out of hiding to take part in an autograph signing at the NY Comic Con. The problem was he didn't know where his booth was, so he just made fun of everybody.

This concludes our list. Which was your favorite metal viral video of 2011?

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