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7 Albums You Might Have Missed So Far In 2015: June Edition

Some melodic death metal from an unexpected place, weird progressive metal and envelope-pushing metal!

Some melodic death metal from an unexpected place, weird progressive metal and envelope-pushing metal!

If you've been on board with us since mid-2014, you'll remember I used to do a segment called Bandcamp Buried Treasure. I'd hunt down records for a "Buy It Now/Free Download" price on Bandcamp and post up a brief article about one of my finds every Friday. It was a lot of fun, but ultimately the rules of the feature became too constricting for me to consistently talk about music I only had the utmost faith in.

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Now I've got a way around that. Here's how the new segment works!

  • On the first of every month, this feature aims to turn you on to albums that came out this year you might have missed or didn't know about (hence the title).
  • The albums are not specifically "Buy It Now/Free Download" as they were in the previous feature. Get ready to throw your money at your screen!
  • Each entry will include either a full album stream or a great song off an artist's new record, depending on what's available.
  • If you don't see an album you enjoy from this year on the list, let me know I should listen to it! If it's not out by today, then I purposefully didn't include it this time around. These are only albums that came out between January 1, 2015, and today's date.


Wilderun – Sleep At The Edge Of The Earth

Folk metal done right is crazy good because it's never reliant on a folky gimmick. No, if you're going to do folk metal right then you better jam that sucker with vast instrumentation, insane playing and enough hooks to go fishing with. You better give me Sleep At The Edge Of The Earth, which is basically America's answer to bands like Wintersun and Eluveitie.

Eidola – Degeneraterra

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Eidola is insane progressive metal that took a page right out of the book of bands like Thrice and The Mars Volta and ran with it. Degeneraterra is a whirlwind of crazy instrumental passages and soothing vocals that can easy turn on a dime to something violent and unpredictable. Good luck remembering any of the song names though- just rely on remembering them by sound.

The Hudson Horror – Nemesis

Nemesis is a great melodic death metal record in a world where melodic death metal is a dime a dozen. The Hudson Horror crafted a record that's stuffed with catchy lead guitar work, pissed off vocals and a rhythm section that enhances rather than simply holds down the fort. Here's a band that you'll be able to say you knew before they were a bigger name… because that's gonna happen.

Caricature – Shadows

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Caricature is one of those bands that is pushing what it means to be heavy in a whole different direction and everyone needs to take notes. Shadows is the precursor to a coming album, but every single song on here feels like an A-side. The release is plenty interesting in terms of writing, but the vocals are just so damn varied you can't help but love every single second.

Veld – Daemonic: The Art Of Dantalian

If you're a fan of bands like Behemoth and Hate, you're going to absolutely love Veld. The group crafts death metal that's consistently pummeling throughout, but still makes room for creepy, haunting interludes that seem to be the soundtrack to unforeseen murders. Or at least they were unforeseen… then I'm sure you got the next track and realized your ears and neck were the ones being murdered.

Silence Lies Fear – Future: The Return

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Silence Lies Fear hails from Azerbaijan, Baku, which is not where I would normally think melodic death metal in the vein of Dark Tranquillity would come from. However, if this type of music is hot in that area of the world, then we need more! Silence Lies Fear's music is extremely coherent and has a very specific vibe displayed throughout. As a record, it works. As individual songs, they slay!

Mount Hush – Low And Behold!

To quote Monty Python's Flying Circus, "and now for something completely different!" Mount Hush is just a straight up rock band whose songs are fun to blast. Its bombastic, distorted music that harkens back to a time where editing to a grid wasn't everything and making music to simply bang your head to was widely enjoyed. Turn up!

Want more? Check out previous posts!

Until next time!

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