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15 More Metal Collaborations That Ruled


Grindcore lifer Shane Embury [Napalm Death] and extreme metal drum savior Nicolas Barker [ex-Cradle of Filth, ex-Dimmu Borgir] formed Lockup in the late 90’s with late Napalm Death guitarist Jesse Pinado. The band’s debut record featured Hypocrisy main man Peter Tägtgren on vocals, before At The Gates and Disfear frontman Tomas Lindberg took over screaming duties for most of the next decade. Lindberg exited the band in 2014 and was replaced by former Brutal Truth frontman Kevin Sharp. Guitarist Anton Reisenegger of Chilean thrashers Criminal has been handling guitar duties since Pinados tragic passing in 2006, rounding out the lineup of this not so prolific but always energetic grindcore supergroup.

Murder Construct

Murder Construct is a Southern California grindcore conglomerate/institution. Guitarist Leon Del Muerte [Nausea, ex-Impaled] and drummer Danny Walker [ex-Uphill Battle] had previously played together in Intronaut, Phobia and most recently, Exhumed. Murder Construct reunites this grindtastic duo, and finds them blasting full speed ahead alongside Cattle Decapitation growler Travis Ryan as well as members of Bad Acid Trip and Dreaming Dead. They’ve released one EP and a blistering full length on Relapse records and are hard at work making album number two a reality hopefully sometime later this year.


From the ashes of tragedy, Paradise Lost axeman Greggor Macintosh created Vallenfyre, his mega hostile old school death metal project to help channel his grief through music. Of course somethings are just too rad to keep to yourself and deserve to be shared with the world at large, preferably through loud ass speakers, such was the case with Vallenfyre. Macintosh recruited ex-My Dying Bride guitarist Hammish Glencross, Scoot, bassist of crust punk innovators Doom, and Adrian Erlandsson, drummer of Paradise Lost, The Haunted and a little band called At The Gates; to help turn his one man anger sessions into a full-fledged death metal supergroup.

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