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GUNS N' ROSES Rumored To Be Releasing A Song In 2019

Posted by on December 7, 2018 at 2:01 pm

Guns N' Roses has been on a wildly successful reunion tour over the past few years, and we all know how that goes. First comes the reunion tour, then it ends and everyone shows up in the studio for a new record. Slash recently said in an interview that he believes everyone in the band wants to do a new record and there is even new material floating around via frontman Axl Rose.

Now Westwood One’s Rock Talk host Mitch Lafon says the band has recently been in the studio recording a cover of T-Rex's "Children Of The Revolution." The cover would be a part of a bigger covers record featuring U2, Elton John, Foo Fighters and Joan Jett.

"Unsubstantiated reports claim Guns N’ Roses have recorded a cover of T-Rex’s Children Of The Revolution for inclusion on a upcoming tribute album. Other artists on the album are said to include U2, Elton John, Foo Fighters and Joan Jett. Until released consider this to be rumor."

What we know right now is that there definitely is a T-Rex tribute album coming. Variety reached out to BMG, who only commented that "are currently co-producing an album and accompanying documentary of artists celebrating the work of [T-Rex's] Marc Bolan." Variety also says "a source close to the situation stressed to Variety that the lineup for the album is not finalized," so as with the rest of this story, take it with a grain of salt right now.

So if this ends up being true, that means Guns N' Roses has spent at least some time in the studio recently. Given their massive stardom right now, would it really make sense to just contribute a cover song and leave it at that? Might as well strike while the monetary iron is very, very hot.

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