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Police Says Rock Am Ring Was Not Evacuated Due To A Spelling Error

Posted by on June 25, 2017 at 12:10 pm

On June 2, the Rock Am Ring festival in Germany was evacuated due to a terror threat. It was later stated that the terror threat stemmed from a spelling error on the list of who should be back stage, though now it's coming to light that this wasn't just the case, and there was a very real possibility of a terror attack.

According to Pollstar, police uncovered three suspects during a routing security check of the festival, two of whom has Rock Am Ring wristbands. The two suspects had names that were similar to employees of Live Nation, but were not on the list.

The suspects were arrested, and police are now saying "It wasn’t a spelling mistake that led to the evacuation of the festival site. Actual connections of one festival employee to the Islamic realm were indeed the reason."

Heightened security in the area also makes sense, considering the Manchester attacks had just happened on May 22. Fortunately nothing ended up happening at the festival, but still – good on security for being so on top of things.

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