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MUSHROOMHEAD Double Down on Supporting Confederate Flag With New Statement

Posted by on August 5, 2015 at 2:16 pm

Last week, Mushroomhead, a band who is from Ohio (which was not at all in the Confederacy), caused a stir when they released a Confederate flag inspired tank top.

Naturally, they got a lot of flack for supporting a flag that musicians like Phil Anselmo and Lamb of God's Randy Blythe have opined against displaying. Meanwhile, Mushroomhead are just doing it to be a rebel, man. They posted the above photo on their Facebook with the below message:

A rebel is a person who stands up for their own personal opinions despite what anyone else says. A true rebel stands up for what they believe is right, not against what's right. It's not about smoking crack, drinking till you're rendered unconsious [sic], or beating the crap out of anyone that crosses your path. It's all about being an individual and refusing to follow a crowd that forces you to think the same way they do even if it means becoming an outcast to society. True rebels know who they are and do not compromise their individuality or personal opinion for anyone. They're straightforward and honest and they will sure as hell tell it like it is.

 By way of their first sentence, by writing this post and calling Mushroomhead complete idiots for continuing to display a symbol that is long been associated with slavery, we here at Metal Injection are total rebels. We refuse to follow a crowd of racists and bigots who have nothing better to do but show up at rallies and scream racial epithets .

We refuse, however, to smoke any crack or become an outcast because of our views. That's because our views are shared by the majority of people who aren't racist and/or weren't dropped on their heads as children. And while Mushroomhead feel as though they are within their freedom-of-speech rights to display and sell this memorabilia – we are just as much within our rights to freedom of speech to call them complete morons for doing it.

Thank you for reading my rebellious post.

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