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Metal Science

There's Now A Black That's Blacker Than Black And It Is So Damn Metal

Posted by on July 23, 2014 at 1:55 pm

A wise lead singer named Nathan Explosion (of Dethklok fame) once said in order to make everything metal, it must be blacker than the blackest black times infinity. Today we as metalheads must rejoice, as a British tech company called Surrey Nanosystems has developed such a color black.

How dark is this black? I'll let The Verge explain that one.

"Made of carbon nanotubes, it can absorb 99.96 percent of light that hits it. Its developers say that to the human eye, the material — called Vantablack — completely erases any features on a surface, becoming simply a void … That's because the dense coating of carbon nanotubes, rolled sheets of carbon atoms like the one seen above, are used to create a lattice that absorbs virtually all light as it's refracted around the tubes."

Here's a good question: how long will it take until we see a band called Vantablack? I'll give it 48 hours tops.

In all seriousness though, I do hope this particularly dark shade of black finds its way out of science and into metal merchandise. I mean come on, how cool would it look for band logos to look like they're simply floating on a void of a shirt?!

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