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Metal Blade Signs Musical Genius IGORRR! - Who Melds Genres Like Black Metal & Trip Hop Together

Posted by on February 24, 2017 at 2:30 pm

I’ve been talking about IGORRR for years now. Whether it’s annoying my friends about how he’s the biggest musical genius I’ve stumbled on in the last seven years, pushing his work on Metal Injection, or contacting his management to bring him to NYC, I've been Team Gautier for some time. So needless to say, this is the most excited I’ve been over any label signing in a very long time!

Gautier Serre (aka Igorrr) has been at the forefront of metal meets electronic since 2004, creating demos for both his projects Igorrr and Whourkr. Without him there would probably be no Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, or the wave of electronic metal currently growing over the past couple years.

However, unlike the others who opt to blend metal and electronics in a comforting way, Serre remains to be the most unique music creator I’ve been following since his debut dropped, and broke down the barriers of what’s possible in music. Spiraling out of control and pushing boundaries filled with black metal, electro-grind, whoopie cushions, 18th century French violins, and chickens.

Often referred to as “the weirdest band alive”, Igorrr’s music invokes feelings you might not be comfortable with. In fact, most friends I’ve showed his music to over the years absolutely hate it, which only reaffirms my belief that Serre is a musical genius far ahead of his own time. The charismatic, ADD infused, melting pot of his ways can be heard across his two full length releases Nostril (2010) and Hallelujah (2012), the latter being one of my personal favorites in my collection.

With the signing of Metal Blade, the door is now open for Serre to market into the U.S. and open the minds of new music creators to get very, very wild in their writing style. Something I predict will inevitably happen over the next few years, with the onslaught of new mixed electronic genre’s in the world.

Recently, Serre teamed up with GoPro to write a song around Patrick, his chicken, peking a piano for feed. It might be one of my favorite YT videos ever, and if the brilliance in this serves any indation of what we’ll see on the upcoming release, Savage Sinusoid, then the world has nothing to worry about. Things are about to get playfully weird around here.

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