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Did WINTERSUN Just Post The Artwork For Time II?

Posted by on January 13, 2015 at 2:50 pm

Around this time in December we posted about Wintersun possibly tracking Time II. Now, upon further investigation and a helpful post from the group, I think we've got it all figured out! For starters, Time II was hinted at toward the end of the band's "Happy New Year" Facebook post:

"…and then in the fall… There might be some epicness coming your way! There will be more updates coming throughout the year so make sure to like our Wintersun Facebook page and also follow Jari's personal Facebook page, if you haven´t already done so! You don´t wanna miss what´s coming!"

Wintersun has no reason to lie to me, so I followed frontman Jari Mäenpää's personal Facebook for more updates. Yesterday, he posted this:

There has been a rumor that Time II was recorded alongside Time I and just needed some touching up in the studio. Said touching up may have been done last August, as we're led to believe by way of the group's Facebook photos. The only other thing Mäenpää's post could be is maybe a poster or something that'll be a perk for Wintersun's upcoming crowd funding venture, but given the speculative fall release, that could very well be the art for Time II.

Obviously this is 100-percent guesswork and my timeline could be wrong. It just makes sense that Wintersun would start teasing the album now little by little to get everyone ready for a fall release. We'll see!

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