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CROWBAR's Kirk Windstein Will Send You A Personalized Christmas Card For $10

Posted by on December 2, 2015 at 12:55 pm

You and your kids might not get a card from Santa, but you can get one from Crowbar's Kirk Windstein! It's basically the same thing, though Windstein's got a bag full of riffs instead… and I'm not too sure on the status of his flying reindeer. Whatever! Either way, the band has taken to Facebook to instruct you on how to get a card from the bearded riffmaster himself.

This year we will be offering personalized Holiday cards from the Riff Lord himself, Kirk Windstein, for $10 U.S and $15 International, which includes holiday card personalized to yourself or a friend, and a signed photo. Please feel free to send one back- we love hearing from the fans. Payments can be made via PayPal at kirkwindstein@yahoo.com.

Please be sure to note if the card will be sent to someone else with their name and address included in the PayPal message because purchase will only show the purchasers address. Thanks and Happy Holidays to all!!

For $10, why not? Good marketing idea on the band's part as well. It's inexpensive and requires essentially next to no work! All of those things are good! Plus, now you can write Windstein a card back and let him know he's awesome or something. That or ask for that bike you've always wanted. I mean, you probably won't get it, but you can try, right?

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