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Donate To The Benefit of Late EYEHATEGOD Drummer Joey LaCaze

Posted by on September 20, 2013 at 10:06 am

It's been a few weeks since Eyehategod drummer Joey LaCaze passed and the metal community is still mourning the loss. However, metal blog The Sludgelord are looking to turn a negative into a positive.

So The Sludgelord are running an eBay auction that will raise money for the LaCaze family, or a charity of their choice. According to The Sludgelord's page about the benefit (links are in the following as well):

The Sludgelord want to show their support to Joe’s Legacy and we have set an Eyehategod auction here on eBay. We are asking bands, labels, fans if they would like to provide merch which can then be sold to raise money for the Joe LaCaze family or a charity of their choice.
Following our initial post on our facebook page, we have had many kind offers, which is amazing, however we are asking for more. So please help!! Once we receive the merch, we will auction it off on the Sludgelord facebook page. If bands, labels, fans wish to offer something for this auction please email me at thedoomentor@gmail.com or visit the auction at eBay. Our aim is to raise as much money as possible for this brilliant cause. It is time to give something back to a man, who has provided the metal world with so much. Please email me and share this link and help us raise awareness, so we can do the very best we can in memory of the late, great Joe LaCaze. Hail The Riff!!
So far there's some pretty cool stuff on the page, so check it out and throw some money at your screen!

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