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Sumerian Records head honcho lets the world know that the new BORN OF OSIRIS leaked

UPDATE: This was all just a prank! Details here.

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Illegal downloading. Pirating. Call it what you will, it's been around for a while. Which is always why I get surprised when musicians, or labels get angry when an album of theirs leaks. Such is the case with Sumerian Records owner Ash Avildsen posting the following Facebook status on the label's wall:

hey all you jobbers who like to steal our albums – word out on the ocean (pirates don't use streets) is that the BOO album has leaked.. perhaps the pirate ship will leak too and sink in to the sea. in any case, enjoy pirating the record and hopefully you guys choke on a cannonball. happy torrenting you cowards! -ash

A few things struck me as odd about this message. First off, I had no idea the new BOO leaked. I am sure many people who follow Sumerian on Facebook didn't know. But they know now, thanks to your incredibly informative status. Additionally, I started thinking about who exactly would be the ones pirating the material? The majority will most likely be fans of the band who are so eager to hear the material they cannot wait for street date. Is it really best business practice to call them jobbers and cowards and tell them to choke on a cannonball? These are the same people, I am sure, who buy tickets to see the band live and buy their shirts and wear them for all the other scene kids in school to think they are awesome.

The ultimate point I want to make with this post is there is very little to be done to stop pirating of records, but the absolute worst thing to do to prevent such an occurrence is to stand on a platform and announce that the record is out for anybody to download and that in doing so you are a douche. Just sayin'. [via ThePRP]

UPDATE: This was all just a prank! Details here.

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