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Ouch: SUICIDE SILENCE's Experimental New Album Sells 70% LESS Than Previous Release

The numbers do not look good.

The numbers do not look good.

It seems like I'm in a small minority that actually enjoyed the new Suicide Silence album. Michael Pementel reviewed it for us, and he had less than favorable things to say. But the band were one of, if not THE highest selling deathcore band around.

They had to know that their new album would result in many fans being disillusioned. I assume the band hoped that their new sound would bring in an entirely new fan base thanks to added exposure on hard rock radio. Sadly, it doesn't seem that gamble paid off.

In the U.S. alone, the self-titled Suicide Silence album sold 4,650 copies – a staggering 69% drop from the first week sales of 2014's You Can't Stop Me, which sold 15,000. The band's final album with Mitch Lucker, The Black Crown sold 14,000 first week, as did 2009's No Time To Bleed.

To put this sales number in further perspective, Born Of Osiris rereleased their debut album, The New Reign, with essentially one new song and a bunch of remixes, and that album, The Eternal Reign, sold 3,900 last week. So a rerelease from a band that can certainly be considered a peer almost outsold the new Suicide Silence record.

It's not just in the U.S. where Suicide Silence's numbers are falling. Rock Feed reports that in Germany the self-titled album charted at #98, a steep decline from their #24 debut for their previous album, 2014’s “You Can’t Stop Me”. In Australia, the album debuted at #78, whereas their 2014 release came in at #30. We don't have any foreign sales figures at this time.

It will be interesting how the band and its team react to these numbers. Will they try to release another radio-friendly single, or just do their touring and then get back to basics on the next album? Or is this just the sound they see themselves doing in the future, and will just move full steam ahead? Only time will tell.

Did you like the new Suicide Silence album?

[h/t to Ryan Downey for the Billboard numbers]

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