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NAILS Frontman Bashes Record Store Day For Delaying His Album Release

Posted by on April 18, 2016 at 12:59 pm

Record Store Day was this past Saturday, and seemed like a raving success. I saw a bunch of my friends posting their newly acquired 7"s and picture discs and everybody was happy. Everybody but Nails frontman Todd Jones.

You see, there are only so many vinyl pressing factories in the country, a handful in fact, and with Record Store Day, seeing as though everything is vinyl, it creates such a backlog for these pressing companies, that anything needed after the big day, gets queued up in a long line. Jones explained to Team Rock how this little shopping holiday resulted in his album being delayed six months:

“I don’t fuck with Record Store Day at all, I hate Record Store Day. It’s completely fucked over things for regular bands – go ahead and have your multi-colored vinyl reissues you fucking poseur. The fact is that when [Nails‘ 2013 album] Abandon All Life came out before the pressing plants were backed up, we handed our record in to Southern Lord on January 15 and our record was out by March 20. For [upcoming album] You Will Never Be One of Us we handed everything in to the record label on January 20 and our record’s not coming out until June 17. Why? Because of fucking Record Store Day, that’s why.”

“All you people out there that love Record Store Day have fun with your stupid multi-colored vinyl, but all your favorite bands’ records are taking six months longer because of all that poseur bullshit. That’s what it comes down to.”

It seems like quite the first world problem to complain about a day that is meant to encourage music fans to seek out independent music stores, likely one of the largest days of the year for those stores to make a profit and helping keep their employees on staff, so if that means your album is delayed by a few months, maybe that's not the worst thing in the world?

Who do you side with here?

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