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Guitarist Jason Richardson Gets Unpaid Royalties From BORN OF OSIRIS "After Nine Years"

Posted by on May 24, 2020 at 12:45 pm

Born Of Osiris and former guitarist Jason Richardson have settled their disagreement on unpaid royalties. Richardson played on the band's 2011 release, The Discovery, and claims the band still owed him royalties from the release.

When a fan joked a few months back that Richardson should rejoin the band for another album, he responded “Pass. I’m still owed a decade of royalties from the 1st one.” He then revealed the band blocked him for the statement.

Turns out that they were able to reach an agreement. Richardson tweeted a few hours ago that he finally got payment after 9 years.

“Soooooo lol after 9+ years, 2 lawyers and a few hundred emails I’ve finally received my outstanding royalty debt from @SumerianRecords for my work on the Born of Osiris album ‘The Discovery'”

At least this matter is resolved and all parties can move on.

Richardson currently plays in All That Remains.

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