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The last we heard of former Roadrunner Records president Jonas Nachsin, he was stepping down from his post back in November. After being off the grid for most of 2013, Nachin has taken a new position, as general manager, heading operations for Spinefarm Records worldwide. 

Spinefarm currently boasts a great roster of notable undergound metal acts such as Chthonic, Ensiferium, Kalmah, Swallow the Sun and Killing Joke, but with the addition of Nachin, it's clear Spinefarm is positioning itself to become a major player in the metal and hard rock work. For his part, Jonas Nachin is pumped for the gig:

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to build Spinefarm Records into a world class destination for rock and metal artists. There is an energetic and dedicated group of people at the label already,  and we'll be expanding our staff  as we reach out to the artist community to begin new partnerships, as well as working hard on the roster we now have.   I’m looking forward to working with Andrew Kronfeld, an executive whom I greatly admire, and the new Caroline set-up to drive this company forward.”

Kronfeld is the president of Spinefarm's parent company, Universal, and Jonas' new boss, and he is obviously also excited to have Jonas onboard:

“Hard rock and metal is such a dynamic area of music, with so many passionate bands and even more passionate fans, and we have very ambitious plans for Spinefarm Records. Nobody knows this part of the business as well as Jonas and so we are delighted that he has joined our team so we can grow Spinefarm and make it the most vibrant and trusted label in heavy rock music.”

I'm certain we will be hearing of major signings to the label sooner rather than later. What's interesting is the changing of the guard at Roadrunner has spurned so many new opportunities for metal bands at other destinations with deals such as this one and former A&R rep Monte Conner starting his own new label. Roadrunner, for their part, show no signs of slowing down either with major releases still to come this year from Dream Theater, Trivium, Scar The Martyr and The Devil Wears Prada.

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