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Former JUDAS PRIEST Guitarist K.K. Downing Now Sells Men's Cologne

FINALLY! The FIRST metal fragrance for men!

FINALLY! The FIRST metal fragrance for men!

When asked in an interview about his decision to leave Judas Priest in 2011, founding member K.K. Downing had this to say:

One of the beautiful things about being in the industry was the ability to continue to invent and create, constructing songs and making good records. You do feel the need to be creative, and that was taken away with the downloading thing, and as you get older, the balance of the scales starts to tip. So if you can't be creative, why would you want to continue to dedicate the time into something?

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So, Judas Priest was no longer creatively fulfilling, so what does a guitar legend do next?

If you guessed creating the first "Metal" cologne, then you are correct! Here's how this brilliant idea came to him:

"I think I just woke up one morning and thought of the word 'metal' and I thought 'metal for men' and I thought, straight away, I thought, 'What could that relate to?' And I don't know why I thought about it, but I thought there's nothing out there on the market that's associated with rock and metal fans in respect to fragrances and stuff. And I guess that, combined with my mum asking me continually what I want for Christmas and stuff, and it just came about. And it just so happens I had a friend who had associations with fragrances before, and it came about very, very quickly."

Naturally, Downing thinks the fragrances, which come in a line for men and women, smell "fantastic" and "ideal gift for all rock and metal fans this Christmas." Packages go for $57.99 for just a cologne or perfume bottle or $69.99 for a gift pack which also includes metal shower gel over at Planet Rock. Unforutnately, the item is so new that I can't even load it's individual page or description.

Needless to say, this is definitely a better career path than continuing on with Judas Priest. All sarcasm aside, if this is what makes K.K. happy, more power to him.

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