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IRON MAIDEN's Bruce Dickinson Set to Fly Stranded Passengers

Seriously, is there anything Bruce Dickinson can't do? He's like a super hero! He can fly, he can jump, he can sing, he can handle a sword, he can inspire, he's a doctor, and he even has the tights to boot. The Press Association reported earlier that Iron Maiden front man Bruce Dickinson will be lending a helping hand in flying 200 stranded passengers as a result of airport closures due to Hurricane Irene.

Dickinson will be flying a 757 from Newark Airport to Reykjavik, Iceland in an effort to help Icelandic Airways clear up the overload of grounded customers. There seems to be conflicting reports whether or not the 757 he is flying will be Ed Force One, but I'd imagine having Bruce Dickinson fly your plane is pretty awesome regardless of what your sitting in.

When asked about the thrill of flying a 757 vs taking the stage:

"It's a different kind of buzz. Obviously you aren't leaping around the flight deck yelling and screaming, but you have to manage situations… Flying at 35,000 feet is an internal thing, really. Whereas 35,000 people, that's just showing off."

Who knows, perhaps someday Bruce Dickinson will run for US president. He's already got my vote.

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