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18-year-old goth metal singer stabs 16-year-old guitarist 50 times for "playing poorly"

Genoa is a city in Italy, famous for its historic parks, its ancient cathedrals and now for Christina Balzano, the teenaged singer of goth metal band Soul Cry, who are presumably breaking up after Christina stabbed her guitarist 50(!) times with a seven-inch kitchen knife (christ!)

Details are surfacing–the axeman (the guitarist, not Christina) is going to live despite multiple stabbings to the head, Christina's 16-year-old bass-playing brother is an accomplice, and attempted murder charges are pending. As for motive, Blabbermouth reports that the guy was stabbed "playing poorly" (read here,) but CBCNews alleges that the guitarist was "sounding evil," and that Christina claimed she was trying to stop him from killing himself (what, by doing it herself?) Read more of that here.

If any of our readers can translate this story from Italian TV, we'd be much obliged.

Beware, those who play guitar in front of 18-year-old goth chicks.

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