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The Dude Who Designed CHRIS BROWN's Metal Jacket Says "That Guy Doesn't Know Who CRO-MAGS Are!"

Posted by on November 21, 2012 at 12:27 pm

We've had some fun this week with the news that Chris Brown was seen out and about in a leather jacket featuring metal/hardcore patches, which he may or may not have gotten from his girl Rihanna.

Yesterday, we learned the jacket was custom made by DNA designer Noel Austin. The fine sleuths at Metal Insider tracked Noel down to try to get some more info on the scenario.

Designer Noel Austin is just a guy trying to get buy. He started DNA Fashion Designs out of a need to help pay his rent and put food on his kid's table. He got into the design game by first designing costumes and outfits for bands he was in, then somebody asked him to design a jacket for him, and here we are…

When asked about his feelings towards Brown wearing his design, and how Brown got the jacket to begin with, Austin said:

“I about shit myself when I saw Chris Brown with my jacket that said “Cro-Mags” on it,” he told Metal Insider. “That guy doesn’t fuckin’ know who Cro-Mags are.” Austin doesn’t even know how Brown got the jacket. “I didn’t sell it to him!” he said. “Do you really think Chris Brown goes online and buys his own clothes? He doesn’t even write his own music.”

I'm sure he's reeling from all the publicity he's getting. Read the full interview on Metal Insider.

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