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AXL ROSE Is Still Fat, Going Around Town Holding A Cane

It's not nice to make fun of people's weight, but in the case of Axl Rose, it's just too easy. When we've written of Fat Axl, or FAxl as I like to call him, previously people cried Photoshop! but these new photos from this past weekend prove no photoshopping in the world could look as bad as the real thing. Axl is old, and has put on some pounds.

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Axl Rose showed up to a Golden Globes party this past Sunday and was sporting a peculiar accessory, a cane. Was it for fashion? Did he break his leg recently under the weight of his fat gut? Only Axl and his doctor know, but I wouldn't be surprised if his ankles gave way. One thing is for sure, this new FAxl seems jolly:

Here's video of the event where Axl is asked "what keeps you rocking out?" which is a terrible question, and his answer is hilarious…"A healthy lifestyle." Axl, we need to reevaluate your meaning of healthy, brother!

For reference, here is what Axl looked like in his heyday:

[via MetalSucks]

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