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Win A Mammoth Prize Pack from Ernie Ball!

Posted by on July 30, 2019 at 2:56 pm

Do you like to tune low and rot slow? Because Mammoth Slinky strings from Ernie Ball are designed to help you do just that in a .12-62 gauge pack – take your six-string down into bludgeon territory 12 WHOLE TIMES – if you’re the winner of Gear Gods‘ slick prize pack from our friends at Ernie Ball!

The pack includes 12 sets of these Mammoth Slinkies, 12 sets of Earthwood Acoustic Guitar strings for the softer side of your set, an Axis capo to take you into keys unknown, and a Musician’s Toolkit to keep your axes shipshape.

All told, this prize pack is a $231.74 value – but really, it’s a treasure trove that could be yours – as long as you enter first!

Lucky for everyone, that’s pretty easy. All youse gots to do is fill out the form below and hope against hope that they pull your name! Good luck – and may the gods of metal shower many blessings of gear upon you!

Gear Gods Ernie Ball Giveaway July 2019

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