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Submit Your Best OBITUARY "Violence" Vocal Cover & Win A Ton of Sweet OBITUARY Merch

We're so excited to be teaming with Relapse Records and Gibtown Records to present the Obituary "Violence" Vocal Cover Contest. "Violence" is of course the band's new single from their crushing new album, Inked In Blood, out October 28th and because we love the song so much, we want to hear your vocal cover of the track. Here's the thing: Obituary lyrics are pretty hard to understand and the band does NOT plan on releasing the lyrics, so it's up to you to either figure out what he's saying or just come up with your own lyrics for the song.

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The best vocal cover will win a grand prize of the new album, Inked In Blood on vinyl and deluxe CD, an Obituary T-Shirt, autographed poster, two tickets to see the band live on tour and your video will go viral as we will post it on our social networks and so will Relapse Records. Two runners up will receive Inked In Blood on deluxe CD an autographed poster and two tickets to see the band live.

How do you enter? Well first, take a listen to the song:

Now, here is the vocal-less version. Hit the "Download" button to grab the MP3:

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Now that you downloaded the vocal-less version of the track, create your best/most brutal/funniest vocal cover video. Upload a video of you singing along to the track with your own lyrics or interpretation of John Tardy's lyrics to YouTube and post your video in the comments section of this page.

It's that simple! Please note, any top level comments that are not video submissions will be deleted. Once you uploaded your vocal submission, tell your friends to upvote your video for better visibility and greater chance to win.

Winners will be picked the week of 10/27, so get to screaming.

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