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Multi-National Grind Freaks STENCH PRICE Scorch The Earth On "Furnaces Burn"

Posted by on September 19, 2016 at 12:28 pm

Ah grindcore, one of my favorite metal genres, and yet, also the one most difficult to deliver a unique experience in after grinds early golden age has passed. Well Stench Price have the solution, they've rounded up many of today's best musicians from all over the globe and enlisted their talents to create a sonic wall of destruction with a lot of pedigree and depth to it.

Today's premiere of "Furnaces Burn" enlists the vocal vomit of talented vocalist Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, etc) over the back and forth sonic tirade that the song unleashes. Featuring both guest and full members who've played in groups like Cynic, Necrophagist, Brutal Truth, Hail Of Bullets, and more, Stench Price definitely live up to the expectations that arise given the cumulative talents involved. While some of the other songs that have premiered to date give off a somewhat experimental and avant-garde vibe at times, today's single is possibly the most "normal" sounding cut from the album that I've heard so far.

Even having said that, "Furnaces Burn" doesn't unfold like a typical grind song that races out of the gate, eager to annihilate your face with glee. Instead, this song takes its time to build things up, letting its rage fester and grow through a chunky mid-paced death metal inflected beginning, before things ramp up into a higher gear. And once they do, the guitar-work is prone to shredding faces off with an immediacy that may surprise you. And if that wasn't enough, it then changes course into a light jazz segment for the ultimate curve-ball. A notable break that is short lived, since the final assault of the song takes hold and wipes you out soon after.


Stench Price – Stench Price is set for release on November 30th through Transcending Obscurity Records. It can be pre-ordered through their label through their Bandcamp Page here. Be sure to follow Stench Price over on their Facebook Page as well!

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