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Go Out And Vote Tomorrow! (Unless You're a Teabagger)

By: Graham "Gruhamed" HartmannGo Out And Vote Tomorrow! (Unless You're a Teabagger)

We are living in a time of mass ignorance, with anger fueling anger and propaganda influencing millions every day. Even with the wave of technology allowing us to access more knowledge than ever before, people seem to be getting dumber and dumber. The fear-mongering heavyweights of the media such as Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have ignited an energy in the political realm similar to the energy that young voters felt by Barack Obama's platforms of hope and change. We can not allow fear to control the way we think, and whether you vote Republican, Democrat, Independent or for the Rent is too Damn High party, make sure it's for the right reasons… I'm talking to you California [Note from Editor: You better go out and vote for Prop 19 Cali! Don't let us down!]

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But in all seriousness, if you support Barack Obama it's crucial that you go out and vote Democrat. I know I've personally benefited from the Health Care Bill, which has allowed me to remain on my parent's insurance plan until I'm 26. The frustration felt by some is understandable, becoming impatient and jaded over the legislative process which can feel like its moving at a snail's pace. But don't be fooled, this country is making progress and allowing that to be halted after this election would truly be a shame. President Obama has made outstanding strides toward making his vision a reality, but the deafening assault from the right and the left too modest to brag about their progress, Obama's accomplishments have been overlooked.

So please my friends, don't just go out and vote, know exactly who and what you're voting for. Refuse to be controlled by fear or swayed by the media. Don't even feel peer pressured to vote Democrat after reading this article! All I ask is to do your research. Look at each side of the story, learn about the politicians on your ballad and choose what you truly feel will be best for this country. Sorry this post isn't very metal. Hmmm. Barry, wanna help me out on this one?

Go Out And Vote Tomorrow! (Unless You're a Teabagger)

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