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PSA: Women Go To Metal Shows, Get Over It!

Posted by on January 31, 2014 at 2:35 pm

A few weeks ago, Noa mentioned on the Livecast that she was approached by somebody from MTV at a Pig Destroyer show working on an article about how to pick up women who go to metal shows. At the time, Noa thought it was an elaborate ruse by the dude to try to pick her and her friend up. Nope! Yesterday, the blog post ran on MTV's Guy Code blog titled "Why Are There So Many Cute Girls At Metal & Hardcore Concerts Now?"

First off, the title is already dipping it's toe into sexism, implying that previously, even if there were girls, they were not cute. Secondly, isn't that an incredibly subjective thing to say? What's cute to Ethan Fixell over at MTV2 may be considered disgusting to somebody else.

In the first paragraph of this entry, Ethan writes "Death metal events are known to be…how do I put this…'vaginally-challenged.'" Haha, get it? Except Ethan is completely wrong, and most likely probably just started going to death metal shows. There have always been women at death metal shows, as there have been at all metal shows. I personally know of quite a few metal "lifers" who happen to be female. Yes, the chances of there more girls at a Black Veil Brides show are probably greater, but that doesn't stop badass women all over the world to attend Suffocation or Dying Fetus shows.

The issue here is the second half of the story, where it goes from "oh hey, isn't cool how women go to shows?" to "here's how you pick up a chick at the show." And the advice given is like something that I'd imagine you could find in an issue of Teen Cosmo… get there early, dress "better," bring an extra pair of earplugs.

If you're going to a metal show with the intent on picking up a chick, you are going for the absolute wrong reason. I'm not saying that you can't pick up a girl at a metal show, but if there is a girl there, I want to assume she's there for the metal, not to be harassed by you. If you want to pick up a girl, go to fucking bar, or sign up for OkCupid or Tinder.

Which brings me to my ultimate point: can we stop being surprised that there are females in metal? Speaking as somebody who works in the metal industry, there are plenty of women holding things up on the other end of the biz, dealing with publicity, tour managing and, gasp, even being in bands themselves.

Metal Insider points out the author of the piece has since commented that it was meant as a comedy piece, and if that's the case if failed two-fold since there was very little humor in it.

It's no longer "niche" or cool and when something like this article or a certain magazine launches a Hottest Chicks issue, it honestly makes the guys in the scene look like some undersexed, horned up losers.

Women like metal, get over it!

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