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Giving Metalheads A Bad Name: Texas State Senator Receives Death Threat From "Johnny Bones"

Texas metalhead threatens Texas state official.

Texas metalhead threatens Texas state official.

Perhaps you haven't heard of Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, but she is a modern day hero, especially to women. She recently staged aneleven-hour-filibuster to prevent Texas from passing a ridiculously strict abortion bill. She is now running for governor of the state, going up against conservative Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott.

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But what does this have to do with metal?

Yesterday, the attorney general posted a status soliciting donations with the comment "Contribute $6 today to stop liberal groups from turning TX blue!" A flame war ensued in the comments and a genius who goes by Johnny Bones posted some incriminating comments on the attorney general's page meant for Davis:


The story got picked up by political blogs, including Daily Kos, and was brought to my attention by MetalSucks. His Facebook page is rather public and it's clear to see he's a metalhead, who happens to enjoy Amon Amarth. He also seems to fancy himself some Photoshop editing, check out these gems:

Johnny Bones is a winner

Johnny Bones is a winner 2

Shockingly, the man enjoys himself some guns, swords and motorcycles:




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The point here is this: regardless of your personal view on abortion, you should not have any say in what somebody else chooses to do with their body. Additionally, you should not be making PUBLIC death threats to elected officials which is a serious offense here in the US.

What's even worse is that mainstream media will pick up this story as "another example" of metalheads being a bunch of violent meatheads, something that couldn't be further from the truth.

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