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Why Aren't You Listening To UPHILL BATTLE Yet!?

by: Frank Godla

If you're paying attention then you already know I'm not very good at hiding bands that I love. One example would be Uphill Battle as addressed here, here, and here.

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While catching up on MetalSucks over the weekend I noticed Axl's write up concerning the late grind heroes, and it reminded me how we joked about doing simultaneous write-ups for this band in an effort to stir up a buzz and hopefully get them back together (of course we were intoxicated while coming up with this plan, duh). So I decided to give it a very direct final attempt.


Was that direct enough? I hope so, because even though this band is long gone, that doesn't mean shit! Wreck of Nerves is still as incredible today as the day I brought it home, and LPs that stand the test of time are few and far between in my book. I wont get into the details of the band, other than it's probably some of the top grind tunes you'll ever add to your collection, plus all the content linked in this one post should already give you a pretty good background. One thing I'd like to add though, if anyone out there runs into these guys personally. Seriously just harass them about a reunion show, even for the sake of making the NY metal blogisphere happy. I'm pretty sure we'd even be willing to fly out to weed happy sunny California and rough it out. We'll be waiting for our facebook invite in the meantime.

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